Apart from selling ice cream under the brand name HELA we are also a private label supplier to domestic and foreign supermarket chains. The main advantages of our offer in this area are customer orientation and high-quality, safe products.
All customers can expect a professional service and an individual approach on the part of our Sales Department. Owing to experience in fulfillment of private label orders from Poland and abroad, we are able to provide complex support to our business partners. While realising private label projects we stay flexible and eager to seek unconventional solutions. Small minimums are another advantage of our offer.
We manufacture a vast assortment of impulse, family and HoReCa ice cream based on recipes prepared by Polish and Italian experts. Our products are available in various flavours, quality ranges (from premium to low-budget) and types of packaging (e.g. multipacks) according to customer`s request.
In the production process we solely use carefully selected ingredients from verified suppliers. Due to such practices, our ice cream is high-quality and tasty. Its smooth, creamy consistency and structure together with law fat content result from application of the modern, innovative CREAM freezers of a renowned company WCB Ice Cream.
Our ice cream is first and foremost consumer safe. In order to guarantee its health quality and safety Hela-Prima Sp. z o.o. has implemented the HACCP provisions. Additionally, the factory laboratory performs microbiological analysis of each production lot and monitors the sanitary conditions for manufacturing on a regular basis. The CSB businessware® which enables a thorough supply chain control adds another competitive advantage to the position of Hela-Prima Sp. z o.o. in the private label marketplace. This type of software automatically identifies production lots using GS1-128 and SSCC barcodes placed on bulk packs and pallets respectively.


We are looking forward to successful co-operation.


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